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Apple celebrates World Emoji Day with tease of new options in iOS 11, High Sierra

To commemorate World Emoji Day, Apple has shared some new emoji included in the next versions of its operating systems, and is promoting some movies with titles made of the graphics.

New emoji include a woman with a headscarf, a bearded man and a breastfeeding emoji. New and food items such as sandwich and a coconut are coming.

More animals and mythical creatures have been added like a T-Rex, zebra, zombie and an elf. Starstruck, a new vomit emoji, and an "exploding head" have been added as well.

The App Store will be highlighting apps to create or do fun things with emoji, and iTunes Movies is also featuring the graphics in place of select movie titles.

Apparently, World Emoji Day on July 17 was selected because Apple unveiled it's iCal app at the 2002 MacWorld on that day, and the calendar emoji in iOS is set to that day. The day been celebrated back to 2014, with it hitting Twitter's top trending items during 2015's celebration. Apple joins Coca-Cola, Disney, General Electric, Google, and Twitter in celebrating the day.