Aston Martin & Mini join Apple's roster of CarPlay vehicles

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Several models from Aston Martin and Mini are now listed as CarPlay-ready on Apple's website, representing the brands' first entries into the platform.

The initial Minis include the 2018 Clubman and 2018 Countryman. Mini previously said that CarPlay-capable vehicles would be coming this quarter, but without offering many more details.

One catch is that when the cars launch, buyers will have to choose "Tech Pack" or "Media Pack XL" upgrades, adding to costs. In exchange, drivers will be able to control their iPhone apps via an 8.8-inch display.

Aston Martin's additions include 2017 models of the Vantage, Vanquish, Rapide, and DB9 Volante, by way of the AMi III infotainment system. On the automaker's website, CarPlay is still labeled as "coming soon."

The additions are almost an anomaly in the context of other recent CarPlay announcements, which have included more affordable vehicles from the likes of Honda and Ford. The technology made its premiere in the luxury world however, the first compatible car being the Ferrari FF.