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Song meant to spoof car audio systems climbs into top 50 on Apple's iTunes charts

A track consisting of nothing but 9 minutes and 58 seconds of silence is currently sitting at 49th place in Apple's iTunes charts, apparently out of frustration with the way many car audio systems work.

Called "A a a a a Very Good Song," the 99-cent trackreleased by Samir Mezrahi on Wednesday — copes with the fact that many audio systems will simply play tracks in alphabetical order whenever an iPhone connects via USB. With a regular music library this can be annoying, since the same song will play automatically until a person can select their own playlist.

The issue is unlikely to affect people who who depend solely on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

The track's popularity may be a sign that many people are not only using USB in their vehicles but still relying on locally-stored music. iTunes sales have been on the decline for several years with the rise of streaming — but the Mac and Windows iTunes clients also let people import files from third-party sources, whether legal or otherwise.

Indeed the same effect as Mezrahi's song can be achieved for free by recording a silent track, properly naming and importing it, and then syncing with an iPhone.

The Mezrahi track is performing so well that it's beating out songs by well-established pop artists like Macklemore, Bruno Mars, and Selena Gomez.