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Video purports to show testing of Apple 'iPhone 8' with rear-mounted Touch ID

A video published on Tuesday allegedly shows Apple's "iPhone 8" in quality control testing — with a rear-mounted Touch ID sensor, despite most recent rumors discounting that possibility.

The 10-second clip, originally posted to China's Weibo, shows a person pressing their finger on a phone's sensor and triggering diagnostics on a connected machine — another identical phone is being loaded into the machine as the video ends. Both devices have Apple logos, and the "iPhone 8's" widely-expected vertical camera arrangement.

Most recent design leaks have indicated no obvious Touch ID sensor, suggesting that Apple plans to use 3D facial recognition as a full replacement. The company was at one point expected to embed a fingerprint sensor into the OLED display, but production problems may have pointed it elsewhere.

One possibility is that video is actually an old one depicting prototype units. It could also be showing knock-off products, or even the "iPhone 7s" or "7s Plus," though it's typically believed that those products will have horizontal cameras.

Two analyst reports have indicated the "iPhone 8" will only go into mass production in mid-September. The device could easily be in trial or low-level production, however.