High Sierra beta 9 available for developer testing, one day after last iOS 11 & tvOS 11 update

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Apple makes the ninth developer beta of High Sierra available four days after its last update, and one day after iOS 11 and tvOS 11 releases.

The macOS High Sierra update, with build number 17A360a, contains a number improvements like Apple File System integration, migration from H.264 to H.265, and Metal 2, alongside other refinements. The previous beta sported build number 17A358a.

There are no specific changes listed in the release notes for this most recent update, versus the last one from Monday. Apple released ninth betas of iOS 11 and tvOS 11 on Thursday had similarly small increments in build numbers, and also had no noted changes in the accompanying release notes.

While Apple has made a great deal of progress with eGPU support, including niceties like clamshell mode working properly and logout when the Thunderbolt 3 cable is unplugged in use, rather than a crash, it is not slated to be included in the fall release of High Sierra. Apple's inclusion of the technology allowing Thunderbolt 3 PCI-E enclosures with a GPU installed to connect, and accelerate, graphics in High Sierra will come at at some point in the spring of 2018.

Earlier on Thursday, Apple declared that its next release event is on September 12. All four of Apple's operating systems in testing are expected to be released on or around the release event, with the a 4K Apple TV, plus the "iPhone 8," "iPhone 7s," and "iPhone 7s Plus" likely debuting as well.


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