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Apple uses iOS 10 Tips app to start teaching iOS 11 features

Apple has begun pushing out Tips notifications to iOS 10 users, encouraging them to get familiar with some of the features coming in this fall's iOS 11 — perhaps a sign that the update is as little as a week away.

There are curently just six tips in the app, covering the revised Control Center, the Files app, Do Not Disturb While Driving, Live Photo effects, and a "play something I like" Siri command for Apple Music. The sixth one actually directs people to to learn more.

While the company has been showcasing iOS 11 details since an initial announcement in June, the company is set to host an "iPhone 8" event on Sept. 12, where the company will likely expose any hidden features in the software and set a release date.

For years now Apple has issued major iOS updates shortly after its fall press events — even without Tips notifications, that would imply iOS 11 will go live just days after the 12th, and before devices like the "iPhone 8" ship to the public.

Apple uses Tips as a way of easing new iPhone and iPad users into iOS, since there's no centralized guide to the software. The company otherwise relies on issue-specific webpages, store clerks, or simply the software's intuitiveness.