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Further delves into the leaked iOS 11 'gold master' reveal Face ID setup animation

Apple has been suspected of replacing Touch ID on the iPhone X with FaceID — and looking deeper into the iOS 11 firmware has revealed details on how FaceID setup will likely work.

Guilherme Rambo tweeted some of the setup steps, which include enrolling a face and being asked to move your head around gently, in order to complete a circle that surrounds your face.

Users with an iPhone X will likely just look at the camera to authenticate, aligning the face with the line drawing overlaid on the screen. When the iPhone makes a positive identification, an animation spins and is replaced with a smiling line drawing.

Previously, AppleInsider reported that FaceID may be able to perform the facial scanning even when the phone is laying flat on the table.

Apple is expected to announce three new iPhones with the high-end OLED model, and two other devices expected at a Sept. 12 press event. Also predicted is a refresh of the adding 4K video as a playback option, and an LTE-equipped Apple Watch.