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Apple's new iPhone X folio case wakes/sleeps handset like iPad Smart Cover

Apple in an update to its website on Tuesday unveiled a new folio style case for iPhone X, and in doing so revealed the forthcoming flagship handset boasts n integrated Hall sensor that can be used to wake and sleep the device like an iPad Smart Cover.

Called the iPhone X Leather Folio, Apple's new case is a new design for the company, which has until now marketed slip-on covers for its smartphone lineup.

Aside from a book-like format, the folio case features an automatic wake/sleep function identical to that of iPad's Smart Cover and Smart Case lines.

"Open it and your iPhone X wakes up. Close it and it goes to sleep," Apple says.

Evidence of a Hall effect sensor was first discovered in last week's iOS 11 GM leak. It appears Apple integrated the sensor into the side-mounted sleep/wake button, which is much larger than those found in previous iPhone models.

Hall effect sensors vary output voltages in response to magnetic fields. In modern consumer electronics, these specialized components are often used to detect and react to the presence of a nearby object. For example, when the Hall effect sensor in an iPad detects magnets embedded in a Smart Cover, it wakes or sleeps the tablet.

The folio case features a microfiber interior and enough space to hold bills, small notes, and several cards, Apple says. Further, the case is apparently radio transparent, as the company says users can keep it on the phone while charging wirelessly.

Apple's iPhone X Leather Folio costs $99 and comes in Cosmos Blue, taupe, black and berry. The item is currently unavailable, though stock should begin popping up as iPhone X's November launch date nears.