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Permit breakdown pegs Apple Park 'spaceship' at over $427.5M, Steve Jobs Theater over $179.4M

It cost upwards of $427.5 million to build Apple Park's main ring alone, according to a report this week which examined building permits for each of the 15 major structures at Apple's new headquarters.

The second most expensive structure was the Steve Jobs Theater, valued at over $179.4 million, BuildZoom said. The site pointed out that its figures indicate only minimum costs, and that in reality budgets exceeded that, since they don't account for demolitions, temporary structures, and public infrastructure improvements. Likewise, only documents shared by the City of Cupertino were used.

The two main parking structures — which like the main ring, feature rooftop solar panels — cost over $113.7 million. An office building at the corner of North Tantau and 280 cost nearly $115.4 million, while the Visitor's Center at Tantau and Pruneridge was tallied at around $109.7 million.

The company also spent high amounts on what might normally be niche expenses. The complex's "central plant" — housing fuel cells, backup generators, water storage, and a substation, among other things — cost at least $35.6 million, while a dedicated fitness center was priced over $16.7 million.

The Glendenning Barn, a relocated historical structure, came in at $360,000. The company has repurposed it to store maintenance and landscaping supplies.

The final price tag for Apple Park has previously been reported around $5 billion, making it one of the most expensive projects on the planet. It was one of the final Apple projects to be touched by former CEO Steve Jobs, who insisted on unusual design traits such as the ring's curved glass exterior. Those have partly been to blame for years-long delays, and indeed while Apple workers have been moving to the new campus since April, construction is still ongoing.