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Apple iPhone X app switching mechanics shown off in short video

As the launch of iPhone X approaches, videos showing off Apple's new flagship smartphone are making their way to social networking sites. The latest offers a brief look at the revamped app switcher, a multitasking UI element that lets users cycle through full-screen apps.

Spotted by developer Sebastiaan de With, a short Imgur clip on Tuesday shows off the redesigned iPhone app selection function on an iPhone X.

As seen in the video below, a user quickly cycles back and forth between the App Store, Spotify and Safari, all of which are running in full-screen mode. Unlike current app switcher iterations, which allow for uni-directional scrolling through all active apps, app navigation on iPhone X supports both forward and backward navigation.

Shown off onstage at Apple's iPhone event last month, the feature responds to swipe gestures, not necessarily large arching movements as demonstrated in the video. Alternatively, swiping up and pausing for a short time reveals a full multitasking UI complete with dynamic app cards, a feature currently invoked by double pressing on an iOS device's home button.

The UI consideration was designed to facilitate easy access to apps without the help of a home button, which is no longer an option on iPhone X. Instead of a dedicated physical button, Apple includes an elongated bar at the bottom of the screen which can be manipulated to return to the home screen, invoke multitasking features like the app switcher and more.

The Imgur video follows another video that surfaced earlier today. Captured at Caffe Macs at Apple's One Infinite Loop headquarters, the short clip highlights various iPhone X features including Apple Pay, Control Center and Animoji.

Preorders for Apple's next-generation handset go live this Friday at 12:01 a.m. Pacific, with initial orders slated to ship out on Nov. 3.