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Early iPhone X video roundups examine build quality, Animoji, gestures

Early examinations of the iPhone X have started to pop up on YouTube, with everybody who has seen the device as a result of early delivery or at retail commenting on build quality and speed of the phone.

YouTube "Soldier Knows Best" notes that he was invited to an Apple facility in New York City to handle the phone, with the company "nailing the design."

Channel "Highsnobiety" appears to have used the device in a retail store, and tested it with ARKit-compatible applications, and demonstrated the Animoji feature on video.

For French speakers, "The iCollection" got hands-on time with the device in white and black.

YouTuber "Booredatwork" examined gestures more in-depth than the other channels at what appears to be the same venue as "Soldier Knows Best," and commented that the device was a natural fit for those with large hands.