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Apple working 24/7 to finish downtown Brooklyn store as giant glass pane shatters

Apple's anticipated store at 300 Ashland Place. Photos courtesy of Steve Giralt.

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Crews are working around the clock to put the finishing touches on the first Apple store in downtown Brooklyn, but they recently suffered a setback — a massive pane of glass has shattered.

It's unknown exactly when the store will open — Apple itself hasn't even confirmed that it is, in fact, an Apple store, though a quite obvious company logo adorns the storefront and is wrapped to conceal its identity.

Crews at the site, located steps away from Atlantic Terminal, have been working night and day to complete the project, according to Steve Giralt, who provided photos and details to AppleInsider. Given the mad dash to finish, it's likely that Apple is working to open the store before Black Friday and the lucrative holiday shopping season.

A broken window pane at the front of the new store. Photos courtesy of Steve Giralt.

It's unclear whether the shattered glass might affect those apparent plans, however.

Apple was said to have signed a 10-year lease for the prime location in Fort Greene earlier this year. In addition to being next door to a transportation hub, 300 Ashland Place is also near the Barclays Center, home to the Brooklyn Nets, New York Islanders, and countless concerts and other events.

The Apple logo is covered, but not exactly discreet. Photos courtesy of Steve Giralt

Apple's first retail store in Brooklyn opened in Williamsburg in July of 2016, a few miles north of downtown. The company has a total of ten stores in New York City, all but three of which are located in Manhattan.

Though the year is drawing to a close, Apple still has two high-profile product launches scheduled for the month of December to draw customers into stores — HomePod and iMac Pro. Driven by the blockbuster iPhone X, it's expected that the 2017 holiday season will result in Apple's best quarter in company history, making it a prime opportunity for the company to cash in with a new store in New York's most populous borough.