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Video: The fastest way to unlock your iPhone X with Face ID

There is a lot of chatter about people disappointed with the speed of unlocking the iPhone X with Face ID versus just about anything else with Touch ID. AppleInsider talks about it, and how to speed it up.

Face ID is slow for some people is because they're waiting until they see the unlock icon pop up before swiping. But, we've been using the iPhone X since before it shipped and have noticed that you don't have to wait at all before swiping up.

The reason there is a little bit of lag time with Face ID is because the TrueDepth system has to first project infrared dots on your face and then scan those dots before authentication can begin.

Touch ID seems instant because all it has to do is scan your fingerprint, which doesn't have as many variables as your Face does for scanning. And, with rest finger to open enabled, it becomes even faster.

Although Face ID may be a slight bit slower than Touch ID, we may as well try our best to make it as quick as possible. Let's get started.

The raise to wake and tap to wake features are enabled by default, but still make sure that those are on.

A good habit to make to increase the speed of Face ID is to always have your thumb or finger hovering over the bottom of the screen before waking the iPhone X, so that way it's always ready to swipe.

Tap to wake seems to work the fastest, so let's start with that. There's a couple things you can practice to speed up the process.

First, you should find the lowest spot on the screen that consistently wakes your device, then practice swiping to find the most comfortable starting point of the swipe where it's also consistent. The distance of your swipe can actually be pretty short, so practice making the swipe up shorter as well.

And finally, practice tapping and swiping as fast as you possibly can, completely ignoring whether the screen has turned on yet. Then slow down the process until your iPhone X consistently unlocks.

We've actually found that the device can still unlock even if you started the swipe before the screen turned on, so keep that in mind.

Using raise to wake, you eliminate the need to tap, but the angle at which the screen will wake changes with how fast you raise the iPhone X.

After some practice you can really get the hang of it and also start the swipe before you see the screen wake. Just make sure to hover your thumb over the bottom of the screen while raising it.

Of course there's the side button, but it's not as quick if you're holding your phone with one hand. You can definitely try bringing your thumb down to swipe as fast as you can, but it's not as comfortable, and harder to get consistency between actions.

Using two hands, however, is definitely pretty quick. Remember that practice makes perfect, so don't stress out if you're having trouble getting it right.