Twelve South ships HiRise Pro stand for raising height of iMac & iMac Pro

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Accessory producer Twelve South has unveiled a new stand designed for the iMac, iMac Pro, and compatible monitors, with the HiRise Pro capable of raising the viewing angle of the screen to help lower the risk of neck strain while working, as well as reducing the amount of desk clutter.

The HiRise Pro is an updated version of Twelve South's existing HiRise iMac stand, consisting of a gunmetal steel case with a hole to slot the iMac or monitor's stand through. Inside the casing are a number of slots in the sides for placing a shelf that the monitor stand rests upon, with the four slot positions raising the display from 0.9 inches at its lowest to 3.54 inches at its highest.

According to Twelve South, the HiRise Pro supports all current iMac models, the incoming iMac Pro, and monitors with a base width of 10 inches or less.

The extra space inside the HiRise Pro can be used to store a variety of items, to help keep the desk space tidy. As well as providing ample storage for other accessories, it is also able to house docks, with an opening at the rear providing access to ports if the dock is placed on the bottom of the enclosure.

A grille supplied with the HiRise Pro can be used to enclose the unit, hiding stored accessories from view while still providing ventilation, which can be removed using a small thumb notch at the base. Held in place with magnets, the grille also gives users a choice in styling, with one side matching the gunmetal coloring of the enclosure, while the other features a walnut inlay.

In front of the monitor stand hole on the top is an extra storage area, with a leather valet tray intended as a place to store important items that need to be easily reached, such as an iPhone for charging or a wallet.

The HiRise Pro is available to purchase for $149.99 from Amazon, the online Apple Store, and from Twelve South directly.


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