Google Hangouts, Philips Hue app updated for iPhone X

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Developers on Tuesday continued efforts to support Apple's iPhone X, with Google updating its Hangouts chat app and Philips refreshing its Hue lighting control software to take advantage of the phone's edge-to-edge OLED screen.

Google lists one change, iPhone X optimization, in release notes accompanying Google Hangouts version 21.0.0.

Like other apps updated to support iPhone X, Hangouts now fills the handset's entire 5.8-inch screen instead of letterboxing content toward the middle of the display. Users also benefit from a full screen experience, which translates into more space for messages while keeping important GUI controls in place.

Today's Hangouts update is the latest Google-branded iOS title to receive optimizations for Apple's flagship iPhone. Last month, the search giant transitioned Maps to include support for iPhone X, while a December update brought similar functionality to Gmail. Other Google apps were recently updated for iPhone X, including Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Earth and Translate.

The latest Google Hangouts comes in at 99.9MB and can be downloaded for free from the iOS App Store.

Philips also pushed out an update for its Hue app on Tuesday that brings the title full-screen on iPhone X, granting users access to an expanded user interface with more room for color palettes, automation macros, scenes, individual device control sliders and more.

For example, with iPhone X compatibility, users can access controls for six devices, up from about five in previous app iterations.

In addition to iPhone X optimizations, the latest Hue version comes with unspecified bug fixes and stability improvements.

Hue version 2.18 is a free 108MB download from the App Store.


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