AppleInsider Podcast interviews Adam Justice of ConnectSense, discusses Right to Repair, HomeKit, and Workflow App

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This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Victor interviews Adam Justice about HomeKit and HomePod, and Victor and Mike talk about the latest in iOS betas, the Right to Repair legislation, and updates to Apple's WorkFlow app.

AppleInsider editors Victor Marks and Mike Wuerthele discuss:

  • Apple releases iOS and Apple Watch betas, removes and then restores i- prefix to iBooks, and Mike has a comment about using Apple Watch with HomePod
  • Apple's Workflow app was updated, and despite it seeming like a minor update based on version number, there are some cool features. Mike is more Mac-based, so Victor talks about how he and Neil use it.
  • Things, the to-do app, got an update, and we talk about it as well, especially since it works well with Workflow. This leads to a discussion about task management apps in general.
  • Supply chain rumors! Rumors say that the notch is going to go away on all the new phones. Victor and Mike both suspect this is a little soon, that Apple probably wants to spread the sensors across more devices before they remove the notch.
  • California is the latest to introduce Right to Repair legislation. Victor and Mike talk about the background on this and what the impacts would be on Apple product design.
  • Victor interviews Adam Justice of ConnectSense, and we talk HomeKit, its history, products, and HomePod. Adam was really interesting to speak with.

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