HomeKit experience on display at London's John Lewis grand opening

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London Retailer John Lewis has opened a massive 230,000 square foot retail location with a dedicated Apple HomeKit display in the Westfield London shopping center.

HouseBeautiful was able to visit before the store opened to the public to provide a hands-on experience and photos.

Apple has partnered with John Lewis on the display, where visitors can enter, look around a setup room, and use Siri to try out different commands.

A keen eye will spot a HomeKit thermostat, Hue lights, Logitech Circle 2, and a HomePod among the accessories included in the display.

Partnering with Apple made sense to John Lewis, as a large portion of their audience use Apple devices. When looking at mobile traffic, 77 percent of their shoppers were coming from an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad.

"We know Amazon are going after this space, we know Google are going after it in a big way," says Sin Grieve from John Lewis. "This is our chance to bring that to life in an iOS setting."

This is just the latest HomeKit experience for Apple, who has started to include interactive displays in some of the larger Apple Stores.

The new store has a large emphasis on experiences, with partnerships and displays covering many different areas including a bar, a "sleep room", a gift area, and more.


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