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Apple's international iPad ads tout student-friendly Apple Pencil support

Apple Turkey this week posted a series of short commercials to its regional YouTube page featuring the new 9.7-inch iPad and Apple Pencil, positioning the device pairing as an ideal learning and creativity platform for students.

Each of the five ads, titled "My portrait," runs 16 seconds in length and highlights self-portraits drawn using iPad and Apple Pencil. Like a set of Shot on iPhone commercials that aired in April last year, Apple's iPad spots are timed to coincide with Children's Day festivities that commence on April 23.

Set to fun, uplifting music, the ads start with each child writing "My portrait," their name and age in what appears to be their own hand. A quick progression of their self-portrait is displayed onscreen as the camera pans out to show the drawing was created on Apple's new iPad.

From playful happy faces drawn by 7-year-old Ali G. to a complex sketch, ink and coloring process from 13-year-old Özgün Asya ., Apple's commercial portrays a range of ability and techniques. To ensure viewers are aware of iPad's role in the artistic creations, Apple appends each ad with an "iPad + Apple Pencil" tagline.

Apple unveiled the sixth-generation 9.7-inch iPad at a special education-focused event last month. The new model builds in Apple Pencil support and a zippy A10 Fusion processor, but retains legacy technology like a non-laminated display, 8MP camera and first-generation Touch ID module to keep out-the-door pricing at $329.

The company is assigning iPad a central role in its continued push into the education market. Positioned as the hardware component to education-centric iOS software like Classroom and Schoolwork, iPad plays into new learning initiatives like "Everyone Can Create." Though the firm is offering a modest $30 discount on the new tablet to schools and education customers, Apple Pencil remains full price, meaning a per-student package runs at least $400.

Apple began to include the new iPad in its advertising campaigns earlier this month, integrating the entry-level tablet in a slate of tutorial videos published to its U.S. YouTube channel.