Google begins rolling out overhauled Gmail iOS & Web interfaces

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Google on Wednesday detailed a series of changes now rolling out to Gmail users, primarily focused on the Web, but also including some upgrades for iPhone and iPad owners.

These include optional "high-priority" notifications, in which case the Gmail app will only trigger notifications for messages it considers significant. The app can also suggest unsubcribing from newsletters and promotions that go unopened.

On the Web, people can "snooze" messages, use previously mobile-only Smart Replies, and open attachments from the inbox without having to delve into a message thread. New alerts will flag potentially dangerous mail or prompt people to follow up on older messages.

Google Gmail

Added shortcuts make it easier to jump to other Google Web apps such as Calendar and Tasks. Perhaps one of the most important changes, though, is "confidential mode," enabled when composing a message. This will remove the option for recipients to copy, forward, download, or print messages, which can also be set to self-destruct after a certain amount of time has elapsed.

Google hasn't said when changes to the mobile app will become available, but some Web changes are appearing on Wednesday and the rest will arrive in "coming weeks." Where available the switch to the new Gmail interface can be forced by clicking the Settings gear icon then on "Try the new Gmail."

For the time being this can be reversed by opening Settings then selecting "Go back to classic Gmail." Google will likely make the new interface default once it's satisfied with its reception.