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Apple's wearable division now the size of a Fortune 300 company

Apple's wearable division, which is made up by the Apple Watch, Beats headphones, and AirPods, is up nearly 50 percent year over year, with CEO Tim Cook calling it the size of a Fortune 300 company.

"Millions of customers are using Apple Watch to stay active, healthy, and connected and they have made it the top selling watch in the world." said Cook.

As recently as February, it was reported that the wearables revenue was "approaching" that of a 300 company. Alcoa, the 300th company on the Fortune 500 index in 2017 posted a revenue of $9.3 billion which gives us a good idea where the wearables division falls.

While the category as a whole is up significantly, Tim Cook mentioned that the Apple Watch specifically has set a new March quarter record.

This follows an impressive holiday quarter for the Apple Watch which was able to surpass the entire Swiss watch industry for the first time.

Individual sales numbers for Apple Watch, Beats, and AirPods are not broken down further, instead included in Apple's "other" category of revenue.

Aside from wearables, the "other" category includes products such as HomePod and Apple TV. This category is up year-over-year, now bringing in $3.95 billion compared to $2.9 billion a year ago.

The news comes way of Apple's quarterly earnings call for the second quarter, where the company announced a record-setting March period.