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macOS Mojave brings you 90 changes & new features to your Mac, and it arrives today

Apple's Mojave update for the Mac is nearly upon us. AppleInsider has taken a deep dive on macOS Mojave since the reveal at the WWDC, and tells you 90 features to look forward to if you're upgrading on Monday

Editor's note: This video was produced by AppleInsider just after the Mojave beta launched to users. As the operating system was very stable upon release, and has only gotten better and more refined since, we are sharing this video again today so you can get a quick overview of what to expect from your Mac after Monday's release.

In Mojave, the most show-stopping features include Stacks for the desktop, major improvements to Quick Look, a more powerful Finder, beefed up screen captures, Dark Mode, and (coming in 2019) the ability to port iOS apps over to the Mac. For a close focus on these top features, check out our recent hands-on. Then, read on for every change, big and small, in macOS Mojave.


  • Stacks
  • Dark Mode
  • Dynamic Desktop

Quick Look

  • Use MarkUp
  • Trim videos
  • Trim audio
  • Rotate/crop images


  • Gallery view
  • New sidebar
  • Quick Actions
  • Full metadata
  • New "Keep folders on top on desktop" option
  • App recents in dock


  • New Accent Color option under General
  • Random screensaver option now a checkbox
  • Removed mouse options for Mission Control shortcuts
  • Software Update section in Preferences
  • New advanced auto update options
  • iCloud News option
  • iCloud Stocks option
  • iCloud Home option
  • Twitter login removed
  • FaceBook login removed
  • Allow platform switching to control your computer under accessibility
  • New Typing tab under Switch Control accessibility
  • Improvements to the international keyboard

Screen Capture

  • New easy-to-use menu
  • New screen recording options
  • Can set timer for video
  • Can show cursor clicks in videos
  • Customize screenshot save location
  • Thumbnail animates to lower corner
  • Share without saving a copy

Continuity Camera

  • Scan photos or documents with your iPhone
  • Take photos from iPhone
  • Insert into folder in Finder
  • Insert right into documents

Group FaceTime

  • Slightly updated UI
  • (Removes + button, switches to all vs missed on top instead of audio/video.

New Apps

  • Redesigned Xcode 10
  • News app is new to macOS
  • Stocks is new app to macOS
  • Voice Memos is new app to macOS
  • Home is new app to macOS
  • HomeKit support on macOS


  • Siri can now handle HomeKit requests
  • Can find saved passwords
  • Knows about food
  • Knows about celebrities
  • Knows about motorsports

Mac App Store

  • Redesigned Mac App Store
  • New Discover, Create, Work, Play, Develop tabs
  • Editor curation and stories
  • View purchases under Account
  • Removed developer name from purchased apps
  • macOS software updates removed from App Store


  • Mojave requires apps to get your approval before accessing the camera or microphone
  • Enhanced tracking prevention
  • Automatic strong password suggestion
  • Flags passwords frequently used


  • Favicons in Safari tabs
  • View reused passwords in Safari preferences
  • View password details
  • Easily change password in Safari preferences
  • AirDrop passwords from Safari
  • Bock pop-up windows removed from preferences
  • Plugin Section of Websites in Preferences removed
  • One-time security code AutoFill


  • Levels and curves swap spots


  • iBooks renamed Apple Books


  • Emoji picker in Mail
  • Suggested folders
  • Move to button in nav bar

DVD player

  • New Icon
  • 64-bit
  • Re-written in AppKit
  • Supports Touch Bar
  • New UI


  • Core ML 2
  • Metal 2
  • UIKit frameworks (2019)
  • UI language parity
  • W3C web driver
  • OpenType-SVG fonts
  • Improved CSS color support
  • APFS for fusion drives and hard drives
  • Faster wake from sleep
  • Automator shortcuts I Touch Bar
  • Redesigned Lock Screen
  • New save panel
  • New open panel

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Apple's macOS Mojave was revealed at WWDC18 alongside iOS 12, watchOS 5, and tvOS 12.

All of Apple's latest updates are set to be released later this fall. Stay connected with AppleInsider as we delve through the releases in the weeks and months to come.

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