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Here are all the receivers and speakers that are getting AirPlay 2

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AirPlay 2 is a small but important addition to Apple's audio world, allowing streaming on multiple devices simultaneously. Here's a list of the compatible speakers and receivers so far, and as available, the dates AirPlay 2 support is expected. Updated on November 4 with three new offerings from Naim.



Arcam rPlay
  • rPlay — May 16 2019

Bang & Olufsen


Bluesound Pulse 2i
  • Pulse 2i — Dec. 11 2018
  • Pulse Flex 2i — Dec. 11 2018
  • Pulse Mini 2i — Dec. 11 2018
  • Pulse Soundbar 2i — Dec. 11 2018
  • Node 2i — Dec. 11 2018
  • Powernode 2i — Dec. 11 2018
  • Vault 2i — Dec. 11 2018


Bose Home Speaker 500
  • Home Speaker 500 — April 2019
  • Soundbar 500 — April 2019
  • Soundbar 700 — April 2019
  • SoundTouch speakers — Coming soon

Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins
  • Formation Audio
  • Formation Duo

Denon & Marantz

Marantz NR1510


Devialet Phantom

Harman Kardon

Harman Kardon Citation
  • Citation speakers — Early 2019


KEF LSX Wireless Music System
  • LSX Wireless Music System — June 2019




McIntosh RS200
  • RS200 — May 16 2019


Naim ND5 XS 2


  • VSX-934 7.2-Channel Network AV Receiver — Feb. 2019


Savant Smart Soundbar

  • Smart Soundbar
  • SmartAmp — Summer 2019


Sonos Beam


Yamaha is delivering AirPlay 2 support to 14 products in April 2019.

The company's MusicCast VINYL 500 turntable will net support in the second half of 2019.

What AirPlay 2 does for you

The headline feature of AirPlay 2 is of course multi-room audio, but it also enables stereo pairing on the HomePod, along with a variety of other improvements. A substantially bigger streaming buffer versus the original AirPlay protocol helps reduce interruptions due to network issues.

There is also tighter sync between speakers. Siri meanwhile can be be asked to play/pause music on any AirPlay 2 speaker, regardless of the manufacturer, or move sound from one room to another. Just ask Siri on the HomePod to "move the music to the living room" and it will.

AirPlay 2 is now more independent as well. Instead of constantly being interrupted by phone calls, games, or videos, AirPlay 2 can continue to stream.

Speakers with AirPlay 2 compatibility now appear in within the iOS Home app, and can be assigned an individual room like any other accessory. There, speakers can be played or paused, and included within favorites.

Presently, AirPlay 2 speakers cannot be included in HomeKit Scenes.

Where to buy

Multiple retailers carry the receivers and speakers shown above, many with added perks. B&H and Adorama, for instance, will not collect sales tax on orders shipped outside New York and New Jersey (Colorado and Vermont residents, see here). Those with a Prime membership can take advantage of free expedited shipping on many audio solutions at Amazon as well.