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Siri gets supercharged with watchOS 5 on Apple Watch

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Siri got some seriously useful enhancements in watchOS 5, going a long way towards making the Apple Watch more independent. AppleInsider delves in to see how Apple's personal assistant will help out in the forthcoming update.

One of the most debated changes coming in watchOS 5 is "Raise to Speak". This allows you to chat with Siri just by raising your wrist, and without having to utter those well-known keywords — Hey, Siri.

There are clear benefits to this, though in our testing we've inadvertently triggered Siri far more than we've meant to. Luckily, for those that dislike the change, it can easily be disabled within Settings.

A feature we've been dying for for ages was also added, which is independent volume controls. In watchOS 4, Siri volume was controlled by the speaker volume of your Apple Watch. Now, speaker volume, and Siri volume, can each be set independently.

The Siri watch face got quite the revamp this year, complete with a new, alternate color scheme. More data sources than ever will be fed into the Siri watch face, with photo memories, live sports scores, and heart rate data all easily glanceable.

Additional data from third-party apps will also show up, making it more intuitive. Third-party apps that you don't want to see can also be toggled off in the Watch app on your iPhone.

Of the more widely-used Siri features, is new support for a variety of different commands. Siri now knows more about different topics (famous people, food, motorsports), Shortcuts, and (as we were hoping for!) - the ability to find your phone/iPad.

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All changes covered:

  • Raise to speak
  • Independent volume control
  • Updated Siri watch face
  • Third party apps in the Siri watch face
  • Siri Shortcuts
  • New areas of knowledge
    This includes: questions about famous people, questions about food, and questions about motorsports
  • Find iPhone/iPad