Philips at work on HomeKit-ready Hue Outdoor LightStrip

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A quickly deleted page on Philips' Dutch website indicated that the company is working on the "Outdoor LightStrip," taking yet more of its HomeKit-compatible lighting outside.

The page noted that the new LightStrip will come in 2- and 5-meter versions, approximately 6.6 and 16.5 feet respectively, HomeKit News reported. Unlike its indoor predecessor the product should be fully waterproof, able to survive not just rain but sprays and "small" puddles.

The strip uses special clips instead of adhesive, which should let it fasten securely to surfaces like pillars and fences.

The accessory will presumably support Apple HomeKit, as with all other Hue devices. The product line also connects with standards like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

No pricing or release date has been made available.

Philips only recently delved into outdoor smartlights with products like the Calla lamp and Lily spotlight. The segment is typically more niche, since waterproofing can make an accessory more expensive, and many people may not have Wi-Fi that extends far enough.


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