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Quanta rumored to be building new 'inexpensive' MacBooks in Dec. quarter

Frequent Apple partner Quanta should soon see a surge in orders thanks to "new inexpensive notebooks" from the former, a report claimed on Monday.

Quanta is expected to see its shipments top 10 million units in the December quarter as a result of Apple's help, said Taiwan's DigiTimes. The publication didn't say anything more in regards to the new MacBooks.

DigiTimes has a mixed track record when it comes to the details of Apple products, but is much more reliable with its focus, the Taiwanese electronics industry. Many of Apple's suppliers have operations or headquarters in the country, such as its main assembly partner, Foxconn.

Apple recently updated the MacBook Pro line, but has yet to make any upgrades to the 12-inch MacBook or the 13-inch MacBook Air. Both lines are due for a refresh, particularly the latter, which has had only modest upgrades in recent years and is now the only MacBook without a Retina display.

The company could announce new Macs at its usual September press event. There though, the focus is likely to be on new iPhones and iPad Pros, as well as OS upgrades, which could mean the MacBooks will be launched before or after unceremoniously.