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Apple cleans up artist discographies on Apple Music for easier browsing

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Apple has reorganized artist collections on Apple Music, putting releases in a more logical order similar to its main rival in on-demand music, Spotify.

Studio albums now have their own section, and are shown first, reflecting their usual importance in an artist's catalog. Singles, EPs, live albums, and compilations are likewise split off, and many artists have an additional "Essential Albums" section.

Until recently Apple mixed items like singles in with albums. This sometimes meant having to wade through smaller releases to find major ones, and could be problematic for people discovering an artist for the first time.

Apple has been making a series of changes to Apple Music in recent months to improve its usability. The service now has 116 "Top 100" regional charts and a weekly "Friends Mix" with tracks from peers, as well as a "Coming Soon" section that highlights upcoming albums. Artist profiles have bigger artwork and a "Play" button, and searches can include lyrics.

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iOS 12, which could launch as soon as this week, isn't expected to bring any major changes to Apple Music. Instead Apple appears to be focusing on server-side updates.