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Apple releases USB-C charging cable for Apple Watch

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As the new iPhone XR comes out, so does a single accessory — but it's not for the phone. Instead, it's for connecting your Watch to a USB-C port instead of the regular USB-A one.

The Apple Watch Magnetic Charger to USB-C Cable is 0.3 meters long (1 foot) and costs $29. As with the original Watch charging cable, it has a round, magnetic inductive charger that you place the Apple Watch against.

The Apple Watch has always used USB-A, the type of socket and plug most people think of when they say USB at all. However, apart from the current MacBook Air, all present models of MacBook charge using USB-C.

Consequently, this new cable means that you can pack one USB-C mains plug and use it to charge either your MacBook or your Apple Watch.

Detail from Apple Store page for new Apple Watch USB-C cable

USB-C protocols can carry more power than USB-A, but in this case charging is not impacted as the induction charger that snaps onto the back of your Watch is unaltered.

It's rumored that Apple will move to USB-C for its forthcoming iPads, expected to be announced at the company's October 30 event.

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