Apple's Tim Cook promises donations for latest California wildfires

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Apple CEO Tim Cook on Friday announced donations directed against the newest wildfires impacting its home state of California.

"Praying for the safety of our neighbors, loved ones and all those affected by the rapidly spreading fires in California," Cook said on Twitter. "We're grateful to the firefighters and first responders working to keep everyone safe. Apple is donating to relief efforts for Northern & Southern California."

The executive didn't say to whom or how much Apple would donate.

Three major fires are impacting the state. The Camp Fire is ravaging an area north of Sacramento, forcing evacuations and destroying homes in the towns of Chico and Paradise. Elsewhere, the Hill and Woolsey Fires are burning parts of Ventura and Los Angeles counties, closing in on Malibu.

Apple has donated towards fire relief multiple times in the past, as recently in fact as earlier this year. It has also periodically opened up iTunes donations, as it does for well-publicized disasters around the world.


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