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Apple Crime blotter: 1000 iPads stolen, insurance giant off hook for $1.7 million iPhone theft, more

Stolen iPhones are in the news, ranging from warehouse thefts, to getting lifted off the doorstep, or from a Miami nightspot. The latest in an occasional series — a look at the world of Apple-related crime.

The 'really good' photos uploaded to iCloud from a stolen phone, according to the Chesterfield County (VA) police

Insurance company won't have to cover $1.7M iPhone theft

A federal appeals court last week ruled that an insurance company will not have to pay out a claim that arose from the 2015 theft of $1.7 million worth of iPhones from a Florida warehouse. The company that owned the warehouse had an insurance policy through a subsidiary of insurance giant CNA Financial Corp., but the U.S. Court of Appeals agreed with a lower court that ruled the policy did not cover that particular theft.

Amazon Prime deliveryman arrested for stealing iPhone

iPhone thefts are so frequent that even people who deliver packages for Amazon are carrying them out. According to Local 10 in Florida, a subcontractor who was delivering a package for Amazon Prime was caught on a Ring surveillance camera stealing an iPhone X that had been left on the front porch.

After the owner of the phone noticed it was missing, he reviewed surveillance video, confronted the deliveryman and retrieved the phone, which led to arrest.

Stolen phone leads to "really good" photos on iCloud

After a Virginia man had his phone stolen along with his car, he got one clue as to what had become of it. Some very high-quality photos were published to the associated iPhone account. According to WTVR, which cited the police department in Chesterfield, Va., the iCloud account uploaded photos that were "really good," which police hope can identify who took the phone.

iPhone pickpocketing at Miami cocktail bar met with indifference

Yelp reviews for the reportedly iPhone theft-plagued Miami night spot Racket

There's been a recent rash of thefts of iPhones and other devices from a popular Miami nightspot- and victims say security at the club has not been helpful. According to Miami New Times, several club goers at Racket Wynwood say pickpockets have stolen their phones. When they approached security guards they were "blase" about the thefts.

Woman accused of stealing 1,000 iPads, faking illness

A former city employee in Gary, Ind., is accused of stealing more than 1,000 iPads from the city's I.T. department. At a hearing this week, a psychologist testified that the defendant is faking what she claims is an illness that renders her unable to speak.

According to the Northwest Indiana Times the woman, who is up on federal charges for the alleged thefts, is also accused of cashing the pension checks of a deceased former roommate.

iPad stolen along with basketball tickets

A University of Memphis basketball fan last week had both his iPad and his $3,500 season tickets for the team stolen from his car. According to Fox 13 Memphis, the tickets were later recovered from another car, which also had been stolen, and the alleged thieves were arrested.

Eight Apple Watches stolen from Massachusetts Apple Store

Three men are accused of stealing eight Apple Watches from an Apple Store in Marlborough, Mass. According to the Associated Press, the theft was similar to the series of crimes in California Apple Stores this year.

The three grabbed the eight display watches, which were untethered, and ran out of the store.

Man in motorized wheelchair filmed stealing iPhone

A man who uses a motorized wheelchair was caught on security cameras taking an iPhone from a self-checkout at a Kroger store in Illinois. KFVS reported that the Marion Police Department is looking for the man.

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