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How to play Apple Music from your Amazon Alexa devices

Amazon Echo

AppleInsider walks you through how to enable Apple Music and play what you want from the service on your Amazon Alexa devices in a few easy steps.

After being recently announced, the Apple Music skill has finally shown up on Amazon Alexa. The original launch date was December 17th so today's release comes as a bit of a happy surprise.

Enabling Apple Music on your devices is quick and easy to do, all from within the Amazon Alexa app on your iPhone.

Adding Apple Music to Amazon Alexa
Adding Apple Music to Amazon Alexa
  • To start, launch the Amazon Alexa app on your iPhone, and navigate to the Skills & Games page.
  • Search for Apple Music. Tip: Since it is new, it may not show at the top. Sort by release date to bring it there.
  • Tap Enable to add the skill.
  • Sign into Apple Music. That's it!

You can now say phrases such as "Hey Alexa, play Queen on Apple Music" to listen.

Apple Music default music sources
Apple Music as the default music source

Once you've added the skill, you can set Apple Music to be the default music sources for your Alexa devices.

At the moment, it seems the rollout is a bit limited to certain devices. We expect availability to expand to additional devices in the coming days such as the OneLink Safe & Sound or the Ecobee 4.