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Hands on with the Netatmo HomeKit smart doorbell cam

Netatmo doorbell cam

With an unveiling at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics show, Netatmo is angling to be the first HomeKit doorbell camera. AppleInsider took some time to try it out.

HomeKit doorbell cameras have been a bit of a unicorn, until CES 2019 where we finally started to see some appear.

The one from Netatmo is among the first, with a sleek and stylish design. It is fairly minimal and one of the smaller around. The top encases the wide angle lens as well as IR and a status light. Below is a grille for the speaker and mic, all sitting above the brushed aluminum doorbell button.

It has person detection to only alert you of relevant motion, not triggering by moving trees or cars. Our brief time testing it out showed very little lag between the doorbell itself, and the live video in the Netatmo app.

Like some others, Netatmo is also supporting a device replacement program. If the doorbell is ever stolen, simply file a police report and Netatmo will replace the device.

Using HomeKit, you can create scenes and automation rules around both the motion, as well as the button press. For example, when someone appears at your door, you can automatically turn on your outdoor Hue lights.

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