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Apple features Apple Pay Cash with new YouTube ads

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Apple on Wednesday released a trio of videos to its YouTube channel, hoping to hook more people on the idea of using Apple Pay Cash.

The clips, under the slogan "They send, you spend," are each just 15 seconds long. They depict mock Messages conversations in which people send and request money via Cash, then use a virtual Wallet card on their iPhone to pay at retail.

Apple Pay Cash was first introduced alongside iOS 11.2, and lets iPhone and iPad owners send money through Messages as an alternative to outside services like PayPal or Venmo. Money is stored in a PayPal-style account, where it can be used for other Apple Pay transactions or transferred to a bank account.

The company has invested comparatively little marketing in Cash outside of press events, but does periodically release ads to increase awareness. Apple benefits mostly from keeping people attached to its ecosystem, but also by encouraging Apple Pay in general — the company claims a tiny percentage from each transaction linked to a credit or debit card.