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Apple's 'How to take an ECG' video teaches how to use the feature on an Apple Watch Series 4

A still from Apple's "How to take an ECG" video

Apple has published a new video to its YouTube account teaching people how to use the Apple Watch Series 4's ECG feature, with the brief video detailing all of the steps required to perform the measurement on the wearable device.

Published on Friday, the 36-second video titled "How to take an ECG" quickly explains how to start the electrocardiogram process, started off by opening the ECG app itself. As the video explains, users have to hold their finger on the digital crown on the side of the device until the 30-second timer expires.

After the test has completed, users can scroll through the results to see more information, including next steps a user can take. This includes an "Add Symptoms" button if the user feels unwell and believes it is worth adding alongside the ECG's results for future reference by medical professionals.

The new tutorial video is in a similar style to those published in December, with quick clips giving a basic overview on how to use Walkie-Talkie, to remotely locate a paired iPhone, customize watch faces, and other topics.

Apple started to roll out the ECG function to Apple Watch Series 4 users as part of the watchOS 5.1.2 update. The feature is limited only to the United States, due to the need to receive regulatory approval in other territories before being enabled.

Shortly after being made available, the ECG function, which is capable of detecting an irregular heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation, has already helped save lives. Reports surfaced where users visited physicians and hospital emergency rooms for a full-scale electrocardiogram following a warning from their Apple Watch, which in some cases led to further medical procedures.