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Sonos One 'Gen 2' smartspeaker has upgraded internals, same exterior design [u]

Starting Thursday Sonos will sell a revised "Gen 2" model of its AirPlay 2-compatible One smartspeaker, largely similar to the original but better futureproofed. [Corrected with Thursday launch date]

Sonos One

The new model will have a faster processor and extra memory, Sonos told The Verge. The company didn't say why enhanced performance was needed, but it regularly introduces new features through software updates, some of which are incompatible with older speakers. AirPlay 2, for example, won't work with some Sonos models unless a recent device like the One or Beam is on the same network.

Another Gen 2 upgrade is Bluetooth Low Energy. This makes initial setup easier, since Gen 1 models require iPhones and iPads to temporarily switch Wi-Fi networks.

Still missing from the speaker is Google Assistant support, due sometime in 2019. The product launched with Amazon Alexa in 2017, but was always intended to support all three major voice assistants.

The Gen 2 will sell for $199 at Sonos and participating retailers. Remaining Gen 1 units will sell at a $20 discount.