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'Sesame Street'-themed kids show for Apple TV+ will teach coding basics

Apple is hoping to encourage more kids to learn to program via one of its Apple TV+ shows, extending its existing Swift-based coding curriculum by having a Sesame Street-themed show teaching the fundamentals program design and creation.

A surprise addition to the Apple TV+ roster, the show is a Sesame Workshop production all about learning to code. Fronted by a "Helpster" muppet who likes helping others, the show will aim to teach the basic principles of programming, including concepts as producing a set of instructions to be followed.

As described on stage in a conversation with "Sesame Street" icon Big Bird, the show will include many elements familiar with viewers of similar shows, including singing and dancing.

While details were light about what to expect, it seems the show won't go as far as to teach Swift coding or how to use Xcode, but will provide guidance on fundamental concepts that can be used in coding and in other areas, like sequences of actions or functions. Considering Apple's existing educational push for coding, including the Everyone Can Code program and the Swift Playgrounds app, the show is likely to be used as a stepping stone to try and encourage more younger users to try out coding at a later time by being more familiar with some of its basic ideas.

The show forms part of the company's Apple TV+ service, which will offer users a selection of original shows and movies from many major content producers and studios. Highlight items on the list include the remake of Steven Spielberg's anthology series "Amazing Stories," the Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon drama "The Morning Show," and a music drama by Sara Bareilles and JJ Abrams titled "Little Voice."