Scosche Strikeline USB-C to Lightning cable now available to order

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Scosche's new Strikeline USB-C to Lightning cable is now available, letting you power up your iPhone significantly faster than the typical USB-A.

The Scosche CI44-SP Strikeline cable runs four feet in length with USB-C on one end and Lightning on the other and is available in black. The cable is certified through Apple to ensure it works properly with your device.

Apple's iPhone X and newer support Fast Charge, which is significantly quicker at charging your iPhone than a USB-A cable. To do so, you need a USB-C Lightning cable — such as the Strikeline — and a USB-C charging brick. With those, you can achieve 50 percent charge in only 30 minutes.

Scosche Strikeline cable
Scosche Strikeline cable

The cable is also useful for charging your iPhone from your new iPad Pro's USB-C port or connecting to any recent Mac that has ditched USB-A.

Thus far, only Anker has been shipping a USB-C Lightning cable, with everyone else awaiting on Apple's MFi certification.

You can pick up the Scosche Strikeline USB-C to Lightning cable right now on Amazon for $24.99.


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