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WWDC is coming & a new iPod touch is here on the AppleInsider Podcast

GCHQ, the UK's government communications headquarters

This week on the AppleInsider Podcast, William is excited for WWDC and Victor is more fired up about UK spy agency GCHQ's proposal to break the security of iMessage. Plus Victor interviews Russ Shanahan, a developer who had his app sales drop 44% due to what he thinks is a problem with how searching works in the App Store.

AppleInsider editor Victor Marks and writer William Gallagher discuss:

  • There's a new iPod touch in town. We weren't expecting it, but it's very welcome.
  • WWDC is around the corner. Victor yearns to hear more about the Mac Pro, while William thinks Apple doesn't have to mention it — and that Apple never does anything it doesn't have to. But we will get more word of Marzipan, which will keep Victor happy.
  • T-Mobile and Sprint's merger was going so well, but the US Dept. of Justice has now thrown an unusual request into their plan, requiring them to spinoff their own competitor.
  • Russ Shanahan developed Happy Scale, an app to help predict weight loss, and all was going very well until a possible change in the way the App Store parses search terms apparently caused him to see his sales drop off by 44%.
  • Lutron has released its awaited Smart Ceiling Fan Controller and Victor is disappointed that the company went quite the route it did instead of creating an option that would help most users.
  • Victor reviews the Synology DS1019+, and convinces William he needs one, yet stops short of loaning him the cash.

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