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Survey finds reliability is the reason workers choose Mac

Jamf, a company that helps businesses manage Apple integration in businesses, has shown that Mac's reliability is a top reason employees prefer using Mac in the workplace.

In 2018, Jamf — an Apple-focused, Wisconsin-based technology management company — conducted a survey of their customers that showed enterprise IT workers strongly preferred Mac. The survey had shown that when participants were given the choice to choose the type of device they were allowed to use at work, 72 percent chose Mac.

For 2019, Jamf surveyed end users to figure out why they consistently choose Mac and what their experiences have been as a result of their choice. The survey was conducted by a third party market research company, Vanson Bourne, and was contracted by Jamf in collaboration with Apple.

The findings reveal that Mac users experience high levels of employee satisfaction, productivity, and collaboration in business sectors. The survey was conducted on a broad range of departments, including information technology, human resources, marketing, engineering, sales, business development, and more.

By the end of 2018, Jamf managed 48 percent more Mac than it did at the end of 2017.

According to the survey, across most departments, the number one reason for choosing Mac was often that users had a strong preference for Apple products. The second highest reason cited was that end users simply felt that Mac was more reliable than other computers. End users also often stated that a Mac worked the best with applications and resources they needed to effectively do their jobs.

Other reasons included overall ease of use, a preference for the user interface and design, and the ability to seamlessly connect with Apple devices they already owned.

As a result of using Mac, 97 percent of polled users claimed increased productivity, 95 percent claimed increased creativity, 94 percent felt Mac enabled them to be more self-sufficient, and 91% found that Mac increased collaboration.

When asked if workers felt as though they would be unable to do their job effectively without a Mac, 79 percent agreed. This was especially true of workers in Human Resources and Information Technology.

Reliability was also a key reason for Mac preference in the workplace. 40 percent of survey respondents had reported no issues with their Mac in the last 12 months, with 70 percent reporting two or fewer issues. 74 percent of users who previously used a PC for work said they experienced fewer issues now than when using a Mac.

74 percent of users experience fewer issues on Mac with PC

80 percent of users polled were users who had used a PC before a Mac. Only 7 percent of respondents felt as though they experienced more issues with Mac than PC.

Jamf has also conducted a survey that has shown that most students would use a Mac if price was not a factor.