Apple Watch 'Close Your Rings' page updated with new athlete stories

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A trio of new stories have popped up on the Apple Watch "Close Your Rings" page, including ones from a kick boxer, a Nike Run Club coach, and a professional yoga instructor-turned-DJ.

Apple has refreshed its "Close Your Rings" page, highlighting a new set of Apple Watch wearers sharing their stories of closing their rings. Each story is accompanied by a short video highlighting the ways each user works toward meeting their activity goals while wearing their Apple Watch.

The first story focuses on Yoyo S., a kick boxer who sings the praises of the Apple Watch's competitions feature, "With the competitions feature, I can see my friends moving and exercising. It gets me out of bed."

The next story features a yoga instructor, surfer, and DJ named Jessica, who said "The rings turn it into a game. Even if you're not trying to hit a target, you close them just for fun." Her story highlights how the Apple Watch can track all kinds of activity, regardless of whether she's surfing, doing yoga, or dancing while she DJs.

"If you're bored, just move. Jump around. Pick something up and throw it. Enjoy yourself." Says Cory W-M, a Nike Run Club coach. He's the captain of the Track Mafia running club and a fitness instructor and believes in closing his rings every day.

Others featured in the past include Hailey A, a swimmer for the U.S. National team, Jason L., an orchestra conductor, and Eric G, a 65 year old who uses the Apple Watch to track his outdoor walks.

The Apple Watch continues to be an incredibly useful tool to wearers. The Apple Watch has been credited with saving peoples' lives thanks to fall detection, and will soon expand into women's health with menstrual tracker Cycle, set to debut in iOS 13.


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