Eve to launch HomeKit Extend Bluetooth range extender

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Specifically made for HomeKit users, the forthcoming Eve Extend will relay commands to devices further away, allowing users to place Eve smart devices at greater distances from a central hub.

Eve Extend is a device like a Wi-Fi repeater but which is specifically built to extend the range of Bluetooth signals for HomeKit products such as light bulb, locks and garage doors. HomeKit devices that use Bluetooth do not have a central hub so they have to be contacted directly. Eve Extend will mean that Eve devices can be placed further away from a network than before.

While Eve has yet to formally announce its forthcoming Eve Extend system, it has been demonstrated in early sneak peeks and is expected to be released in September.

According to German site Macerkopf, this "Bluetooth amplifier" extends the range to which Eve HomeKit devices can be placed. While seemingly having been shown Eve Extend but not yet tested it, the report gives the example of using it to help with irrigation.

Eve, formerly known as Elegato, released a HomeKit garden irrigation system called Eve Aqua in 2018. A limitation was that the device had to be within range of a HomeKit hub, but now it can be situated in larger gardens.

Eve Aqua, or any other Eve device, needs to remain within range of the Eve Extend unit, and that stays near enough to your HomeKit hub to communicate.

Eve has not yet commented and there are no pricing details nor yet a confirmed launch date. It's also not known whether you will be able to daisy-chain multiple Eve Extend devices or connect non-Eve Bluetooth products.