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Apple Watch 'Schooltime' mode, new geographic complications discovered in iOS 13 beta

Further spelunking into a beta version of Apple's upcoming iOS 13 reveals what appears to be a new Apple Watch operating mode designed to keep students on task in the classroom, as well as a number of new watch face complications.

Called "Schooltime," the feature is said to function in a manner similar to existing Do Not Disturb settings on iOS and watchOS, reports MacRumors.

Investigation of code strings shows the new mode blocks access to certain apps and complications, and potentially silences incoming notifications. Like Do Not Disturb, Apple Watch can be configured to display emergency calls and messages, as well as important alerts.

How the mechanism works is unknown, but it can be assumed that Schooltime is a type of settings macro, with users or parents able to customize app restrictions in the Apple Watch app for iOS prior to automatic or manual activation. As hinted at in its name, Schooltime can be set to trigger based on a preset time of day, the report said.

In addition, the iOS 13 beta includes assets pointing to new watch face complications denoting as user's altitude, latitude and longitude, information likely derived from Apple Watch's onboard GPS and barometer. A complication for rumored sleep tracking capabilities, or perhaps a dedicated watch face, could also see integration, according to MacRumors.

The report is based on information gleaned from an internal build of iOS 13 circulated to Apple employees in June. As such, certain features like Schooltime might not make their way into Apple's final release, which is due to later this month.

Apple is expected to unveil new Apple Watch hardware, specifically additional material options, alongside the release of watchOS 6 at a special event at Apple Park on Sept. 10. AppleInsider will provide live coverage of the day's announcements.