Mophie announces new adjustable wireless charging stand

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Mophie has released a new adjustable wireless charging stand, allowing you to charge your iPhone in portrait, landscape, or flat "charging pad" mode.

We recently took a look at two wireless Mophie chargers, the two-in-one and three-in-one charging pads. Now, Mophie has added another product to their line, an adjustable wireless charging stand.

The new Mophie wireless charging stand is fast-charge enabled, perfect for those times when you need to quickly top off your iPhone.

The most convenient feature of this stand is easily that it allows you to adjust the charging pad. If you're just keeping an eye on your notifications, allow it to set upright in portrait mode. If you're watching YouTube while your phone charges, you can rotate the stand to hold your phone in portrait mode. If you're just looking to put your phone down and leave it out of the way, the stand can also be pushed down flat like a traditional charging pad.

Of course, it's not only the iPhone that works with the charging stand, either. If you have a pair of AirPods, you can use the Mophie to top off the charging case as well.

As always, if you're looking to get a wireless charger, remember that you'll have to be mindful of your case thickness. The Mophie wireless charging stand is capable of charging through cases that are up to 3mm thick. This means that some thicker, heavy-duty cases may not work with this stand.

Included in the box is the wireless charging stand and a Mophie outlet-to-USB power adapter, and works with any Qi-enabled smartphone or smartphone case. The Mophie wireless charging stand retails for $69.95.


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