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'iPhone 11 Pro Behind the Scenes' video showcases the three cameras

Apple has uploaded a new video titled 'iPhone 11 Pro Behind the Scenes — First look at the new triple-camera system' to YouTube, showing users how the three lenses work at the same distance.

Photographer Justin Bettman is on board with Apple to show off the iPhone's new triple-lens camera. Armed with only an iPhone 11 Pro, Bettman creates some quirky photographs utilizing the new ultra wide angle lens.

Each of the photos is shot in a wildly different location. By using the different lenses, Bettman is able to create a scene that entirely shuts out its surroundings, even from a considerable distance. A link in the videos description points users to Apple's Instagram, where you can compare multiple shots of the same scene through each lens.

The first photograph is taken in an alley, but uses a small shipping-container sized box as a stage for a sci-fi photo.

The second is positioned within a forest. A small set designed to mimic a train car is isolated from the scenery when Bettman snaps a shot with the telephoto lens.

The third scene is staged in the desert, and features a stage where a student receives an award. Again, with each of the three lenses, Bettman is able to get three distinct shots from the same distance.

Apple has recently featured the iPhone 11 Pro in two previously uploaded YouTube videos, showing off the camera system as well as the durability of the device.