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Hands on with a 2019 iPad Pro model with three camera lenses

2019 iPad Pro on top of 2018 iPad Pro 12.9-inch

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The 2019 iPad Pro may be just around the corner. AppleInsider checks out a mockup, compares it to the 2018 iPad Pro, and looks at the rumors we've heard about the refresh to date.

Thanks to renowned Apple leaker Sonny Dickson, AppleInsider managed to get our hands on a realistic mockup of the supposed 2019 iPad Pro, in the 12.9-inch size.

We compared the mockup to our existing 12.9-inch iPad Pro to see what else we could learn ahead of the rumored October launch.

On the front, the 2019 iPad Pro looks identical to the existing model. Both have the same dimensions, bezels, and True Depth camera system.

Unlike the iPhone 11, it appears the iPad Pro is going to keep the same thickness this year if this mockup is to be believed.

Back of the 2019 iPad Pro
Supposed back of the 2019 iPad Pro

We compared each side of the iPad Pro, with no changes to be noted. The bottom still contains dual speakers flanking the USB-C port, the top has a second set of speakers, a microphone, and the sleep/wake button. On the right is the volume rocker and 2nd generation Apple Pencil charger and the left has a sole microphone.

The back is largely the same — other than the camera bump. The Apple logo is centered and the Smart Connector is at the bottom. The mockup contains no external regulatory information below the "iPad" branding which could be due to the fact it is a mockup or Apple could be ditching it — something they've been doing with more and more products.

Most notable in the mockup is the three-camera setup situated on the back.

We've heard the rumor of iPad Pro gaining the same three cameras as the iPhone 11 Pro, one of the only rumors we have heard with any credibility.

Comparing the cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro and the 2019 iPad Pro mockup
Comparing the cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro and the 2019 iPad Pro mockup

This would include the ultra-wide, wide, and tele lenses. Many have wondered why Apple would put such a camera system onto a tablet, but these lenses aren't necessarily only about taking pictures.

Apple has put a huge focus into augmented reality and a wide-angle lens and improved cameras would lend itself well to that purpose. Leaning further into that, AR experiences can be superior on a tablet versus an iPhone.

Three camera system with two mics and True Tone flash
Three camera system with two mics and True Tone flash

We did notice the on the mockup that the new square camera bump has two microphones whereas the existing iPad Pro camera only has a single microphone below it. This may be too fine a detail to know — or reproduce in a mock-up — at this point, though.

Other than the little we've been able to glean from the new enclosure, rumors have been scarce on the new iPad Pros. We expect they will contain a more powerful variant of the iPhone 11's A13 Bionic processor as they have in years past and one rumor from Ming-Chi Kuo says the 2020 iPad Pro will have improved antenna tech and 5G in 2021, but nothing else on this year's iteration.