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Tim Cook visits Bavarian Design Center, Algoriddim in Germany trip

Apple CEO Tim Cook has embarked on a trip to Germany, taking the time to meet with music mixing app developers Algoriddim along with Apple employees at one of the company's design centers in the country, as well as posing with a beer stein to celebrate Oktoberfest.

As the CEO of a major multinational company, Tim Cook has travelled to a wide variety of countries in his role. In posts to his Twitter account, Cook has revealed his current trip is to Germany, where he is spending time calling in with employees in the region.

Cook's first tweet on the subject was on Sunday, where he posed holding a large glass of beer in Munich to celebrate Oktoberfest, Germany's famous beer festival.

Not long after, a second tweet showed Cook at a mixing desk with former Apple intern Karim Morsey at a visit to Algoriddim, the producers of the Djay software lineup that Cook calls a "developer success story." Cook is also pictured wearing a pair of Beats headphones around his neck.

An early Monday morning post has Cook surrounded by employees at Apple's Bavarian Design Center in Munich, which work son "silicon chips that improve battery life," according to Cook. The CEO goes on to thank the teams for their "superb engineering and attention to detail."

Cook then writes "Macht weiter so mit Euer groartigen Arbeit!," which translates to "Keep up the good work!"

In a tweet later on Monday, Cook visited Blinkist, a reading app, claiming he was "impressed with the growing and talented team" at the firm.