Compared: Nike Apple Watch versus the standard Apple Watch Series 5

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The Nike version of the Apple Watch Series 5 is not all that different than the regular Apple Watch, so which one should you buy? Let's a take a look at what separates them.

Let's get this out of the way up front — the Nike Apple Watch Series 5 has all the same hardware specs as the standard Apple Watch. You won't get better performance, a better display, or anything else differentiating between the two in the Apple Watch itself by choosing the Nike version.

What sets the Nike model apart from the Apple Watch Series 5 are the watch faces and the bands. Above all else, the faces and bands are the deciding factors when choosing an Apple Watch.

Nike Apple Watch Series 5 Sports Loop and exclusive Nike Hybrid watch face

We consider the Nike Apple Watch Series 5 a better value because while everything else is the same, it does pack three exclusive watch faces. These faces — Nike Hybrid, Nike Analog, and Nike Digital — are customizable with complications, and present a wide variety of options to users.

If you simply want the best bang for your buck, go with the Nike Apple Watch Series 5.

Another reason to choose the Nike is the band selection. Only the Nike models can be bundled with any of the Nike Sport Bands or Sport Loops. They can be purchased separately, but that is $50 atop what you spend on the watch and the initial bundled band. Again, much better value to bundle them from the get-go.

But, if you want the Apple Watch Series 5 in ceramic, titanium, or stainless steel, then you can't consider the Nike version. It simply isn't available in those materials., you don't have a choice. The Nike Apple Watch only comes in aluminum, either silver or space gray.

Thanks to the new Apple Watch Studio, you can now fully customize which size, case material, color, and band you get when buying your Apple Watch. With the Apple Watch Series 5 Nike version, you don't have access to the full Apple Watch Studio.

Many take this opportunity to buy a pricer band and save a little bit of money. Instead of buying an Apple Watch with a Sport Band and then separately buying the Leather Loop, you can forgo the Sports Band, just get the Leather Loop, and save $50 versus buying it separately.

If you want one of the other bands, then go with the standard Apple Watch as the Nike cannot be bundled with any band but the Nike versions.

Nike Apple Watch Series 5
Nike Apple Watch Series 5

The Nike Apple Watch Series 5 is a great value, distinct from the other Apple Watch models. If you are considering the aluminum and want the best deal, go with the Nike for the additional watch faces. Otherwise, choose the Apple Watch that suits you best with your preference of size, case, and band.


Apple Watch Nike Series 5Standard Series 5
Case MaterialAluminumAluminum, Stainless Steel, Ceramic, Titanium
Sizes40mm, 44mm40mm, 44mm
ColorSilver, Space GraySilver, Space Gray, Gold, Space Black, White
Nike Watch FacesNike Hybrid, Nike Analog, Nike DigitalN/A
Starting Cost$399$399
Bundle with Nike bandsYesNo
Bundle with Apple bandsNoYes

Where to buy

Apple Watch 5 Nike models are available to purchase from B&H Photo and direct from Nike, starting at $399. Sprint is also running a promotion on cellular Nike Apple Watch devices, with savings of 50% off the monthly installments (terms and conditions do apply, please see Sprint for details).

Those looking for the best deal on standard Apple Watch Series 5 styles can find savings of up to $50 off at Amazon and B&H.

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