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Apple posts fourth 'Shot on iPhone' Experiment featuring fire and ice

Three shots from the fourth of Apple's "Experiments" in iPhone photography and video

The latest in Apple's occasional series highlighting the photography and video capabilities of the iPhone, is "Experiments IV: Fire & Ice." It's the first to use the iPhone 11 Pro.

Continuing the series of "Shot on iPhone" Experiments that began in September 2018, Apple has now published its fourth video. "Experiments IV: Fire & Ice" is also the first in the run to use the iPhone 11 Pro.

"See how iPhone 11 Pro can capture incredible footage of elements at their most extreme," says Apple on its YouTube channel.

Featuring the video work of Donghoon Jun and James Thornton of Incite, the video highlights the iPhone 11 Pro's high quality images and features such as slow motion. None of the footage was computer generated, it is all close-up photography of practical effects involving flames and ice.

Alongside the new 1'44" edition, Apple has released a behind the scenes video that runs for around twice the length and details how the effects were produced.

The "Shot on iPhone" Experiments are all shot portrait instead of landscape, and typically feature the same photographers, Donghoon Jun and James Thornton. The very first one was by Donghoon Jun and "Sean S.," and featured slow motion, and time-lapse video shot on an iPhone XS.

For the second experiment, released in January 2019, Donghoon Jun and James Thornton mounted 32 iPhone XR devices on a bullet time rig that captures 360 degrees of view.

The third video in the series, released in June 2019, concentrated on water.