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Apple's impressive earnings, promising patents, and new acquisitions on the AppleInsider Podcast

Apple have sold a large number of iPhones, haven't they?

Victor and William discuss the unexpectedly impressive Apple Q1 2020 earnings call, what happens when Apple acquires a company, and what a future iPad may be able to do with William's handwriting.

AppleInsider editor Victor Marks and writer William Gallagher discuss:

  • Apple earned $91.8 billion in this past quarter. You can't call it small, but there is a question about how it stacks up year on year
  • New and seemingly strong predictions say that Apple will soon release a wireless charging pad, even after it had to cancel AirPower last year
  • Qorvo, an Apple supplier, acquires two companies that do ultra-wideband radio work. William wonders just how much encouragement Qorvo got from Apple for this.
  • Meanwhile, Apple itself directly acquires an AI company — which then cancels all defense contracts.
  • Apple's latest patents include one that proposes a flat Digital Crown for the Apple Watch and one that has self-adjusting bands.
  • Speaking of patents, Victor and William examine a highly detailed one that at heart is about making handwriting recognition more natural
  • Apple TV+ has been signings stars to series, but now it's also nabbed a veteran executive, formerly of HBO and Starz
  • The Coronavirus is claiming lives and that's more important than how much money Apple makes from the region, yet the outbreak is capable of disrupting it and other international firms.

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