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New iPhone 11 ad shows off Apple's Night Mode

The 38-second long video shows what a difference Night mode makes when shooting with the iPhone 11.

The video features Night mode photos set to Smashing Pumpkin's "We Only Come Out at Night." Several of the images were highlighted during Apple's iPhone 11 launch event in September. Others were showcased during Apple's announcement of their Shot on iPhone Night Mode photo challenge, which wrapped up on January 29.

Many of the photos in the ad show a direct side-by-side comparison, showing how Night mode can help users take better pictures in low-light environments. The video description reads, "Take more natural looking photos in low-light with Night mode on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro."

New to the iPhone 11 line, Night mode is automatically triggered in the camera app whenever it is necessary. It does so based on the available light in your scene.