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Apple News now has a coronavirus special coverage section

Apple is helping its customers keep track of the latest events in the coronavirus outbreak, by adding a section to the Apple News app providing special coverage of the global medical emergency.

In a similar fashion to how it offers coverage of the 2020 US presidential election to users, the addition of coronavirus special coverage to Apple News is aimed at informing users about major events that have occurred around the world relating to the virus.

The new section dedicated to the virus features updates from its main news partners, including CNN and the Wall Street Journal among others, detailing its continuing spread and its international effects. Coverage is bolstered by an assortment of images detailing how the virus has spread and how many people it has impacted.

Along with the main stories, the section also offers advice on curtailing the virus and preventing infection, including advice on how to wash hands. Resources from authorities such as the CDC are also available to read.

At the time of reporting, AppleInsider staff in the United States are able to read the section, but UK-based writers are blocked from the added special coverage at this time. It is likely Apple will offer region-specific versions of the coverage section as the crisis continues.

The Apple News Spotlight Special Coverage for the coronavirus is available to view for free in the Apple News app.